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Wishing tree

It is a magical place. Our magic tree has magic powers- just like our wine. Enjoy a glass of our wine and make a wish!

The magic tree already made some wishes come true. Will it be yours too? Well, you can tell us when it does come true.

For our new wine club members, we provide special ribbons to put on the wishing tree.

There are rules – please read it carefully.

- The magic tree is a living tree. Please don’t tie the ribbons too tight and leave some room - the tree is still growing.

- Only special ribbons provided by the winery can be put on.

- Keep your wish reasonable. Don’t make multiple wishes at once- only one per ribbon.

-Keep your wish a secret. By telling someone, it becomes void.

-There are no warranties on wishes, but they can take time to realize.

- Don’t climb the tree or try to pull down the branches because it can break. Vandalizing the tree will have magic consequences.

- Keep in mind: the tree gets trimmed regularly to keep it healthy. Your ribbon may get lost in the process- but not the wish! It is the thought of the wish that counts.

- You enter the magic tree area at your own risk – the building tenants or the land owner do not carry any liability for falls, slips, accidents, or dreams that did not come true.