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The Wishing Tree

Our wishing tree is a symbol of the positive energies arising from our guests’ experiences celebrating life when enjoying our tasting room, tasting our wines, and making wishes under it.

It is our hope that we inspire a cycle where if one guest experiences happiness with every glass, every visit, and from every wish that they make, that it helps them and others experience the same thing again and again. It is this same positive energy that the tree brings to make wishes come true.

We invite you to sit under the tree with a glass of wine and dream of solitude, calmness, and optimism. If you accept the positive energy from the tree it will ease your worries and calm your mind. Perhaps you will look up and dare to wish for better- whether it is for yourself or for others.

For our new wine club members, we provide special ribbons to hang from the wishing tree to make a wish. It is said that this wishing grants and draws upon the powers of the tree to help make their wishes come true!

Guidelines and Tips:

- The magic tree is a living tree. Please give it an opportunity to grow and breathe by leaving some room when tying the ribbons and by refraining from pulling on the branches.

- Keep your wish reasonable and discreet. They can take time to materialize!

- Keep in mind that the tree gets trimmed regularly to keep it healthy. Your ribbon may get lost in the process- but not the wish! It is the thought of the wish that counts.