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Happy Wishes Mailbox rules:

- Our unique mailing system is designed to delivery happy messages to other fellow winery visitors. We have people visiting us from all over the world!

- Please use the postcard provided by the winery (or use your own) and write a happy wish message to a complete stranger. Put it in the Happy Wishes Mailbox. Indicate which area of the world you are coming from (City+ Country). If you prefer, you can write your name as well (optional).

- Hand pick one random card from the mailbox for yourself- it is yours to keep (only one per person)! Be careful when handling the postcards while making your pick - try not to damage the rest.

- The wish does not have to be elaborate. In fact, simple is better. If you are not sure what to write, examples could be having something to do with: love, health, prosperity, gifts/presents, smiles, celebration, happy memories, career, new opportunities, friendship, travel, laughter, romance, an evening of wine and food indulgence, etc.  or just google for some examples!

- Do not use any profanity, slang, or offensive language – be cordial and considerate!

 -Don’t forget to date the postcard!

-Don’t get offended or upset if the delivered message does not fit your wishes- it is a thought that counts. Visit us again and pick another one or even better – write another for someone else!

- If you would like to share some thoughts on how to improve our services or have feedback for management in regards to our products or services – please share it with your tasting room associates, or contact us via email to info@lightpostwinery.com. You can also leave a message in the “Suggestions” box located in a corner of the tasting room.

- Please don’t leave nasty notes or feedback in the mailbox neither to a winery or to its guests because you are not happy with something. The rule is- it’s better to say nothing than to say something negative. The intent of the mailbox is not to add hostility or negativity, but instead to bring positive things into our lives and exchange positive energy!

*Our Happy Wishes Mailbox is not a traditional mailbox: do not put your regular mail there, as it would not be picked up by the regular postal service.